How can FAST Australia support your event?

FAST Australia looks forward to supporting your event wherever we can.  Some of the ways we can provide support include:

  • Provide a Letter of Authority to Fundraise when required
  • Assist in a guest speaker; Board Member or professional (depending on location)
  • A4 leaflets & brochures explaining Angelman Syndrome and the mission of FAST Australia
  • Graphic Design support to tailor posters or flyers for your event
  • Advertising the details of your event through our ever increasing Supporter base and social networks
  • Links to Everyday Hero, enabling you to create your own fundraising page, set a target & collect donations - donors will receive a tax deductible receipt directly from Everyday Hero
    • We can even brand up a peer-to-peer fundraising page for you (so that you can encourage others to fundraise for your event)
  • Provide receipts for those tax deductible donations paid directly to you (where a corporate sponsorship is received we will give the donor ONE receipt for the amount received, and it’s up to that donor to then split up the amount donated amongst the individual people that attended the event)
  • Certificates of Appreciation to any organisations assisting you for display


Fundraising FAQ

Common questions when fundraising and holding events; what is the difference between fundraising and purchasing a ticket? What other things should I consider? Find out everything you need to know...>

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