FAST Australia is an Australian registered charity dedicated specifically to Angelman Syndrome. We have current fundraising permits in each state of Australia. We are an Australian Registered Business that is a Health Promotion Charity with DGR status.   We have a constitution that is lodged with ASIC, governing what we must do to retain this status – this is public information and our financials are available on request.

As we are a registered company there are rules and regulations about what we can do with money raised and we have strict reporting guidelines. FAST Australia joins FAST US in its mission to find a therapeutic that will alleviate all the symptoms of Angelman Syndrome. However,  we do not send, nor have ever sent money offshore – including FAST US.

We have a licensing agreement with FAST US that we share branding and resources where applicable, we share a vision – that a therapeutic to treat AS is possible. We are fortunate to have some of the world’s most prominent AS researchers at our disposal through this agreement – outside of this; FAST Australia is its own entity.

FAST Australia has no paid staff and all board members are professionals who all have children with Angelman Syndrome. We have a second tier of members who have voting rights in the operation of the Foundation, and supporters who receive newsletters and update emails from us.

Decisions on spending hard earned monies in the Foundation's bank account are subject to Board approval and if required Scientific Advisory approval and are available in documented minutes upon reasonable request.

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