Assisting timely diagnosis

This beautiful video illustrates common features of Angelman syndrome and highlights individuality amounst those who have been diagnosed.

Raising awareness into the condition is instrumental in achieving accurate and timely diagnosis, connecting families to a community rich with information and hope as well as providing understanding for pathways to therapeutics.

Enabling Research

Creating new opportunities, insight and understanding into Angelman Syndrome, providing an invaluable tool for facilitating research and enabling clinical trial sponsor to quickly identify suitable patients for studies.

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Raising Awareness 

Australian sporting identities Damien Cook, Iosia Soliola (Canberra Raiders), Sam Perrett and Curtis Rona have been using their public profiles to raise much needed awareness into Angelman syndrome.

The well known football players join other FAST supporters: Golden Globe nominee and Angelman father, Colin Farrell, up and coming Australian actor Jai Courtney and Australian rock legend Brian Mannix.

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